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Newgrounds community!

It has been a year, and I wanted to share some of my 2022 works as a recap, thank everyone and wish the best for 2023.

In mostly chronological order, here are some of the pixel art pieces I've released in 2022:

  • "Californian mid-century modern architecture. Scene from an upcoming adventure game." This piece was inspired by the unique architecture of California in the mid-20th century. It depicts a scene from an upcoming adventure game that I'm working on. I will be spending a good part of 2023 continuing work on this indie project.

  • "happy valentine's day 💖" For Valentine's Day this year, I did something I always wanted to do - make my own pixel rose, so presenting exactly that:

  • "The lily pond" - Ponds are those depressions created by human intervention for the sake of the local environment, industrial settings, or for staring into, thinking about better times. As you look into the pond, and over the pond, you can imagine yourself visiting, staring, thinking about better times.

  • "My take on Pierre Bonnard's Le Chat Blanc (1894)" I've always been a fan of the work of French painter Pierre Bonnard, and I wanted to try my hand at creating my own pixel art version of his famous painting "Le Chat Blanc." It was a lot of fun to bring this image to life in pixel form, making it a bit more warm and summery.

  • "park here" - I hope it's helpful for anyone who needs to find a parking spot.

  • "hang in there, baby!" - this sign decorates a basement room in the aforementioned "Californian mid-century modern architecture. Scene from an upcoming adventure game."

  • "Scene from Severance "Defiant Jazz"" - I picked this scene from the TV series to recreate in pixel art as a small SNES title-screen demake. A lot can be packed into 256×224. Go check out the original AppleTV series.

  • "pixel poppies in vase" - Plants are some of the coolest objects to study. These are poppies. There's a linked video of the art being rendered on an actual PSX (Playstation 1).

  • "skulls" These gifs were based on a study of actual Italian skeletons.

so long 2022, as you sink into the distance


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